Design a variety of items (labels, bottles and boxes) presenting corporate identity on the basis of a logo, created for a brand of health supplements for children and adults. Vitree needed a lifting of the logo and a neat and minimal design for the package with a visible and creative layout.
The client developed a variety of products grouped in two categories. The main request was to individualise each category with a link between them in order to integrate them as a brand.
Vitree packaging was supposed to be visible and attractive not only on the online market, but also on the store shelf because of its wide area on dissemination: Amazon, Walmart, and chain pharmacies in Middle East, Europe and the USA.

Creative Solutions
The logo, which is placed very visible on the front of the bottle and box, speaks to the brand’s purpose — “We are taking care of the health of children and adults” in an uncomplicated yet bold manner. A pairing of a handwritten and thick script as children like to write, a recognisable character and a striking chromatic selection were created for the children’s category. For the adult range it was created an elegant and attractive design with a high-end royal blue colour expression of the logo and layout (silver and royal blue) for the adults, I completed the assignment of creating both a joyful product visible and easily accepted by children and of an elegant and attractive package for adult range.
The packaging of Vetree is dynamic and it can be used to start conversations on an emotional level, personalize the experience for consumers, and potentially extend outside of the category in the future.



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