A startup tea grower in Iceland was in need of brand logo and packaging design to be created at the first stage.
Teko is the northernmost tea plantation in the world. Growing tea at the Arctic Circle in Iceland may sound strange, but that’s what Teko has done. Teko Tea blends are using Iceland’s most intriquing flavours.
Bold and sharp design combined with Iceland natural landscapes is the root of the brand.
On the second stage, a brochure, business cards and plant illustration have been developed.

"I have worked with Horea for the past year. He created a logo, packaging and POS for Teko teas. The designs for Teko are clever, creative and realistic. Communication is fast and easy. Outstanding work that meets our expectation and more. It is a pleasure to work with such talented professional."
Sigrún Bar∂adóttir, Teko ehf, CEO

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