The client was searching for a response to the need for natural, simplicity and cleanliness for his organic superfood brand. He needed a strong shelf recognition and colour coding for the variety of products under this brand to be recognized and memorable. Naming, logo, icons, illustrations, roll-out and artwork need to be created.

Creative Solutions
Pure cocoa, green and fresh wheat, juicy coconut and chlorella leaves: these are just some of the sumptuous illustrations used on the Rubio's superfood packaging. During the development, the brand was built on the interconnectedness of health and its environmental impact.

“Today’s consumers are looking for companies to do more than simply sell them a great product,” says Rubio team. “They expect them to be more responsible and aware, and they want them to create brands that share their values and make the world a better place to live healthily. That’s at the heart of what Rubio is all about.”
The line includes twelve products designed in connection with symbols of life and pureness represented by a leaf in the sunlight. The multiple benefits of each product were translated into double exposure illustrations and the brand personality was expressed through bold colours and quirky fonts. A letter S was incorporated within the illustrations, to give a stronger personality to the superfood range.

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