Branding concept with a clean Scandinavian identity for an activewear brand of the future.
NuNorth - the name of the brand with a Scandinavian connotation (read NewNorth), using the compass as an integrated element in the logo, makes this identity a modern one, dedicated to generation Z and Alpha. The elevation and subtlety of the implementation of the NuNorth logo on clothing helps to perceive high quality products. Colors inspired by nature and the lilac color as an accent, does nothing but differentiate NuNorth from its competitors, on a very competitive market.
Why the compass? The compass represents guidance and help. Guidance through the mobile application and help in the sports activity thanks to the clothing dedicated to a rich number of sports activities. Physical movement is very important for a healthy lifestyle, and why not use technology and quality products to reach your goal.

If you are interested in purchasing this concept, please send me a message on my contact page.

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