Evolet needed a strong brand identity to introduce to HoReCa market, especially to 4+ stars hotels. Their mission has always been to offer consumers a unique, meaningful experience through tea and hot drinks.
The client wanted Evolet story to be big enough for anyone who’s willing to pay a little bit more, to invest in an affordable luxury. These consumers know that good quality tea costs more than a box of tea bags or hot drinks, and they look forward to enjoy every cup.

Creative Solutions
Evolet Selection range was developed along with the tagline "Selected with passion". Passion from farmers who care for the growth of the tea. My creative solution was to expose to the consumers the root of the goodness, the leaf, not objectified, but artistic, the leaf that gives you the mood, love and passion for tea. The idea was to project the real feeling of drinking a good tea. For hot chocolate drink range, the tea leaf was replaced by the pure bean of cocoa.
The packaging became an expression of this approach, the colour palette, the graphic approach of the leaf and the cocoa bean, typography, illustration, structural packaging and print finishes taking into consideration the objective to give the client an experience to feel that passion.


Client's Testimonial
Evolet is a brand created especially for the hospitality channel. With the help of Evolet's branding, we can easily get to 5 stars hotels in Europe, not just in Romania. Our sales revenue increases every year.
Eugen Achim, Kalpo srl, Executive Manager

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