Creating the concept for rebranding and introducing the market with a new presentation of ASHANTI NATURALS hair & body care products with a new logo and packaging layout.
The goal was to create a concept that will attract the African-American consumer in the USA towards natural ingredient products.
Ashanti needed a simple and modern communication through design and packaging that would emphasize the African theme and the natural provenience of the ingredients.

Creative Solutions
Working with the  ASHANTI NATURALS brand and its existing equities, I have explored and defined the color palette, the graphic elements, typography and illustration taking into consideration the objective of the project: being inspired from pure African culture and pure African ground. I have explored potential design directions that led me to the creation of the design concept.

The ASHANTI NATURALS logo includes a visual element, a culturally directed symbol, the “Duafe” comb which embodies the beauty, care and patience of the African woman.

The packaging narration is merged with the visuals to create a one-of-a-kind experience that expresses the true essence of the brand: African Natural Identity.


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